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lseriesos.com are a group of ex-landlords who are passionate about keeping the pub industry alive within Britain. We believe that the public house is the sole of our country and will work hard to keep it that way. We do not sell or rent any of our pubs out to people who we do not believe match our philosophies or will work hard to keep the industry going. When you buy a pub from lseriesos.com, you are buying into a membership with our family of professionals: a family who will support you all the way, working with you to help you make the most profit that you possibly can.

At present, lseriesos.com are working on a software application that will enable you to attempt to locate a pub for sale which is in your immediate area. This will help you identify the business opportunity available and help to keep you in the neighbourhood or city that you know and love. Of course, you might prefer a change. As we have a stock of pubs based all around the UK, we are confident that if you are the right person for the job, with the right dedication and passion, there is likely to be a pub in the area that you require (though of course we cannot guarantee this!)

lseriesos.com love to see communities thrive and we hope that, one day, the public house in every area will become the main attraction once more. The culture and spirit that UK pubs can bring to communities is one that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.


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