Buying a Pub

Public houses were once the main congregational points of neighbourhoods everywhere. They were the place that virtually everyone headed to after a gruelling week of work, or to hold community meetings. A game of pool with a pint, or a nice locally-produced meal was a regular activity for citizens across the UK, and people enjoyed going out to socialise with the local community.

In contemporary times, the role of the pub seems to have lost its dominance, somehow. The recession meant that people could no longer afford to go to the pub as often as they did, staying in with some cans bought from the supermarket which could be bought at a lot cheaper price. Since the recession dominated our news headlines, the role of the pub has not really changed. Many people still choose to drink alcohol within the comfort of their own homes, rather than heading to the local for a pint. This has led to a number of pubs around the UK being closed down. feel that this is a very sad time for the British pub industry, but feel passionately about re-creating the nostalgic feeling that pubs can bring. There are many areas of the UK that value their local pub, and are dedicated to keeping it going. Although the government (and the tax it has implemented) have not exactly helped the trade, we are encouraged to see pubs around the UK thriving in terms of business, and we want to transfer this success onto other pubs.

What we do

We purchase a large supply of public houses, before selling them on to landlords who are as passionate as we are about helping the pub trade re-establish its worth. We have a selection of pubs around the UK that we currently run, and are constantly looking for new managers and landlords to come in and help run them with us. We are therefore offering an opportunity to you, to come in and take over a pub – testing your pint-pulling skills whilst trying to run a business!

Our pubs are available for rental or purchasing purposes visit no sum too small. When renting, we are happy to retain control of the leasehold, whilst you run the pub - treating it like your own little business. In doing this, there is very little risk for you as you will not need to make a huge financial commitment. Our rental agreements are for an initial period of 6 months and during this time we will provide you with guidance and support, to help you make a success of your pub. If you’ve fancied yourself as a Peggy Mitchell or Alfie Moon type character, now is your chance to prove it!

If you have more cash, and are looking at buying a public house, we are also happy to sell the premises to you, so that you have full control over the whole operation. Obviously with this option, there is a lot more responsibility for you – you effectively have a business to manage whilst living in the premises that you are managing it in! If requested, we are still happy to offer you support and guidance in running the pub, however we would always recommend that if you want to purchase the pub, you have some experience in running a pub already. This is because the unique nature of the industry can easily catch you off guard in you are not used to managing a pub already. That said, we have made a number of sales to people who have come in from other businesses, and they have grown the pub – making a success of it almost instantly! If you are the right person to own the pub, we are happy to sell.

Can I afford it?

Buying a pub is not cheap and we aren’t going to pretend that the costs of running and maintaining it are low. That said, there are a number of finance options available, to help you afford the pub in the first place, and to help with running costs afterwards. If you are successful, you will not have any problems in repaying loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc, and therefore taking a financial risk to buy the pub might be the best risk that you have ever taken! There are very few people that are really passionate about buying a pub, that do not do so for financial reasons. If you treat it as a serious business, and it starts to boom, your financial responsibilities can be easily met.

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